Do You Have PMF?

Do you have Product-Market Fit (PMF)?

We are going to Interop in two weeks for the first time in about a decade. We do a lot of stuff with respect to assisting companies who do not have Product-Market fit (PMF). Coming in, I believe we will be meeting four types of companies:

1) Early companies who don’t have anything close to PMF. We will not sell their products using our considerable distribution force at all but we have services where we really try to get them over the hump. Interestingly, they all are convinced they do have PMF. Stalemate.

2) Then there are the older somewhat washed out companies who have lost PMF but swear they’ve still got it. They could be reinvigorated but they don’t have any mojo right now. Stalemate.

3) Then there are the rocking companies who have product-market fit but whose business model is so screwed up they are losing money on every sale. They don’t deny this but they claim its temporary. These are the people we can help a lot and are my primary target. I hope we have no stalemate, but we will not sell products that either do not have PMF or have a screwed up business model threatening viability for our customers.

4) Finally, there are the no-brainers. They’ve got PMF, its obvious, they know it, and we are going to throw every resource we have to help these good people.

I will check back in if we find anything exciting.

– Dave Butler

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