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Perhaps You Should Work With Us…

At MTP we are trusted advisors for  products and services to enterprises through channel partners or directly.  There are many aspects to this. We need to partner to obtain access to the best technology, we need to train our people and our clients, we need to market, provide services, manage the books, handle suppliers, manage problems and trouble tickets, etc. That’s what we do every day.

We work with our associates to sell these services, manage customer relationships, assist in first-line problem situations and nurture our mutual business. An associate is an independent contractor who performs these actions on behalf of MTP. You sell to and provide services for our accounts. We want them to love you, to love us, and to love the services that we provide together.

In return for your efforts we pay you a large percentage of the entire business you build with us. We provide all the essential back end services you may require; marketing, training, leads, technical support, management support, vendor/supplier support, competitive product access, guarantees, advantageous terms, etc. We ask only that you recognize that you work each day for our customers; not us, nor our suppliers.

We are new, different, special

Recurring Revenue Businesses

There are both positive and negative aspects to selling renewable services. Users of services pay for their services as they use them; it resembles a utility bill. By contrast, many companies (vendors and VARS) sell products to the same market. Buying a product is much like buying a car (CAPEX). The supplier gets all their money BEFORE the customer get to enjoy the product.

The advantage of selling CAPEX products is that you have potentially great cash flow right from the beginning as you get all your revenue up front. However, that’s where the story ends. The product is bought and paid for, and the product sales people must go find a new customer to get paid again. Their relationships are short, vacuous, and often temporary. It’s all about a simple product sale.

Selling services, as we do at MTP, is precisely the reverse. We are only paid as the services are used so we make comparatively little money when we begin with a new product. As we sell, however, the customers continue to pay us as long as they are happy and continue to use our services. Theoretically, they pay forever, and require less and less support over time. That gives us time to provide more services to new customers and offer new services to existing customers. And business revenue grows linearly with the number of clients you develop and services they consume. It is incumbent on our management team to supply our associates with both leads from customers who came to us, and excellent hyper-growth products.

We have a great long-term business model

A traditional sales oriented business model encourages people to sell and forget, but provides a steady income so long as sales to new customers continue. A client-service oriented business model is based on mutually beneficial business relationships and is characterized by lower initial revenue, but that revenue increases indefinitely as the installed base grows.

We are a service business. We split our net income with our Associates. Please take a careful look at the information provided here and carefully consider if being an MTP associate is for you. It is not a casual job. It is an investment by all of us that pays off over time, with careful, thoughtful effort.

Bonus opportunities

Many of our portfolio companies are just reaching product-market fit and our associates have a lot to do with that. Occasionally our portfolio companies feel strongly that they wish to hire our associates directly. These types of opportunities happen every day. Our policy is that all our relationships matter and we can probably augment out our associate force faster than a portfolio company can recreate a sure-thing employee who has essentially become family.

If our associates come across opportunities they are interested in we 1) support them openly with references and no regrets, 2) we are thrilled for the portfolio company as it increases the chances that they will thrive and work with us for years to come, and 3) if the former associate does not like their new position, then we welcome them back with a party.

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